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Energy storage is a dominant factor in the integration of renewable energy sources, playing a significant role in maintaining a robust and reliable modern electricity system. It can reduce power fluctuations, enhances the electric system flexibility, and enables the storage and dispatching of the electricity generated by variable renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Different storage technologies are used in electric power systems. Focus on hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries and Vanadium Flow used in renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic and power plants.

Our sector specific knowledge allow us to enter into sustainable Off and On Grid Energy Storage System.  This also allow us to provide our clients with unbiased, project valuation, system design, financial analysis and procurement management. We are technology agnostic and design systems with the highest reliability, lowest total cost of ownership, and maximum revenue for the life of your project. This diversity provides Airetec the expertise to develop well-considered solutions in areas such as energy efficiency, power generation, communications, fiber-optics, and minimizing spill lighting.  Our deep industry experience and knowledge of vendors, markets and technologies. We actively write and manage solicitations across all markets and project sizes which provides us unfiltered access to complete and real-time technology and price inputs. Airetec maintains active monitoring, data acquisition and understanding of rulings and stakeholder working groups.  Airetec stays ahead of technological advancement in areas include battery performance,  automated control systems, metering, and data logging using open-standard cloud platform solution. 

Our service include EPC and Construction management for our clients.  We have a pool of mechanical and electrical contractors who work with our staff either on a design-build or project management arrangement. We can also work with your contractors to help run your team and efficiently build your project. 

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Project Valuation

System Design

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Financial Analysis

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Procurement Management

​Our Renewable Energy field

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